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Anything goes: Conventions and conferences

The CCH is one of Europe’s top convention centers. It has long been a tradition for people from around the world to come here to attend top-flight science and business conventions, conferences or galas. Not only that, but at many of these events, such as international medical conventions, trailblazing innovations were initiated that went on to write history – right from here in Hamburg. The new, multifunctional CCH with its halls, foyers, breakout rooms and VIP lounges stands for flexibility, leading edge technology, short distances and artful architecture that has set new standards in Europe. Join us for a discovery trip!

Hall 1

Unmatched spaciousness: With 3,000 seats, Hall 1 is Hamburg’s largest auditorium with fixed seating. Its brick walls, which are under historic preservation protection, have been restored and are shining in beauty as on the very first day. The elegant and comfortable seats were custom-designed for the CCH by Italian manufacturer Poltrona Frau and are arranged in ascending rows. The 280 square-meter stage can be enlarged to as much as 365 square meters. Equipped with state-of-the-art illumination and sound technology, this hall is an ideal venue for all large-scale events with up to 3,000 attendees, from conventions and annual general meetings to political party gatherings, product presentations and concerts. Our in-house technical team is always on board to support your event, backed by the experience of many years.

CCH - Hall 1

Foyers for Hall 1

The generously dimensioned foyers outside the hall grant a splendid, direct view of the Planten un Blomen Park. Spread across three levels, they are perfectly suited for welcoming guests, taking informal coffee breaks or other purposes such as highlighting event sponsors.


Hall 1 Main Foyer

Hall Z

Our second hall with permanent seating by Poltrona Frau, Hall Z has capacity for up to 965 seats. Located on the third level of the CCH East section, it boasts 820 square meters of gross surface area and an impressive eight-meter clear height. Its large stage provides plenty of space for specialist conventions, product presentations, concerts and other cultural events; it can even be used for car presentations. Our Hall Z is also flexible: Some of the seat rows can be easily removed to expand the presentation area. Three interpreter booths top off the extras available in Hall Z. And, needless to say, state-of-the-art is also the standard for its sound, lighting and stage systems. Operated by our in-house technical team, they will make every event run seamlessly.

CCH Saal Z

Registration counters

Check-In 1 and Check-In 2

Both our registration counters are located on the ground floor in the CCH-East section – in other words, in the light-flooded CCH entry hall. They are barrier-free and feature adjacent back offices.

Foyer with Check-In

Hall 4

Hall 4, located on the ground floor in the CCH Center section, features parquet flooring. With 672 square meters of floor space, it is a perfect venue for conferences, lectures or exclusive product presentations. The hall has a movable, barrier-free stage a stage lift and is equipped with leading-edge technology. Its redesigned ceiling (at a 4.5-meter clear height) ensures superior acoustics. The hall has two integrated interpreter booths. The seating arrangement is flexible: When seats are placed in rows, the hall can accommodate an audience of 798; with classroom-style seating, there are 423 seats. Hall 4 is directly adjacent to Foyer 4 which provides a great ambience for coffee breaks, small exhibitions or a welcome reception. For large-scale events at the CCH – Congress Center Hamburg, this area can be converted into a cloakroom.

CCH - Hall 4

VIP lounges

For high-ranking government representatives, VIPs from business and science and artists, the CCH provides two newly designed VIP lounges. Their contemporary design using classical Hamburg style elements leaves nothing to be desired. The ALSTER Lounge offers 168 square meters of space and includes an office, a bathroom with a shower, a meeting room, a pantry and several restrooms. With 94 square meters of available space, the ELBE Lounge, located immediately next to the entry hall and close to the passageway that leads to the hotel, is a bit smaller. It has its own restroom and pantry.

CCH Logo aus großen Holzlettern

Hall X and Hall Y

Our Halls X and Y on the first and second levels of the CCH East section excel in flexibility, allowing six to twelve different room sizes and configurations per hall level, whether for breakout sessions, exhibitions or banquets. They are designed for a maximum attendance of 1,200 per level. Variable seating options can accommodate audiences of up to 1,200 when using seat rows, 725 in a classroom-style arrangement, 972 in a banquet arrangement with 12 persons to a table. The floors have rug coverings. From the foyers of these rooms, people have a stunning view of the CCH entry hall.

CCH Hall X and Y

Hall G

Hall G can be used in several different ways: It is suitable for conventions, conferences and exhibitions as well as for culinary events. A partition is available to subdivide the hall into two roughly equal spaces. A spacious foyer which lends itself to exhibition use connects this hall with conference halls D through F.

Another great benefit: The foyer provides access to the roof garden of the CCH – Congress Center Hamburg.

CCH - Hall G

Halls A to F

Halls A to F are located on the first and second upper levels of the CCH West section and have a fantastic view of the green area outside. Thanks to the large window façades, these spaces receive plenty of daylight but can also be blacked out completely when needed. The halls A to C can be subdivided into separate rooms, each with its own door, and used for many different purposes, whether for conferences, as breakout rooms or work rooms. Both levels feature generously-spaced foyers offering many different options for catering or supplementary exhibitions.

CCH Hall A

“Congressplatz” square

With its redesigned forecourt and access area, the CCH greets the world with an open, inviting gesture, expressing the spirit of the famous port city of Hamburg. The main entrance of the CCH is located directly at the Congressplatz square. This elegantly-designed 2,600 square-meter forecourt area extends from the Dammtor train station to the main entrance of the CCH – Congress Center Hamburg. The centerpiece of this impressive square is a green, terraced area that leads to the Planten un Blomen park. The Radisson Blu Hotel can be reached directly. You never have to walk far in and around the CCH. The exhibition campus and the city center are likewise easily reached on foot. So when are you coming to see us?

CCH - Exterior and facade

Photo credits
CCH renderings: © Planning Consortium agnLeusmann with TIM HUPE Architects, Hamburg