We place great emphasis on a low-emission energy supply.

99 per cent of the energy we use for heating our buildings is recovered waste heat from the district heating network. The heat is first supplied to other consumers, then to Hamburg Messe und Congress where it passes through heat exchangers. This form of heating could be described as ‘heat recycling’. It is an excellent long-term option, especially since the City of Hamburg owns the district heating network and is planning to substitute the legacy high-greenhouse gas incineration stations with regenerative energy sources.

We also take a sustainable approach to electricity consumption. We have been purchasing 100 per cent eco-friendly hydroelectric and wind power since 2011.

CCH Division:

Minimizing energy consumption has been part of the CCH – Congress Center Hamburg revitalization concept from the very beginning. Much like the exhibition campus, the CCH complex will be supplied with recovered waste heat from the district heating network, as well as 100 per cent renewable electric energy.

As an added benefit, the CCH will be able to use the cooling effect of the adjacent “Planten un Blomen” park to minimize the need for artificial night-time cooling during the summer months.

The HVAC systems of all halls can be controlled individually to avoid wasting energy in unoccupied rooms. The ventilation systems are connected to a heat recovery plant.

The state-of-the-art LED lighting and media technology used by the CCH is extremely energy-efficient.