Hall 1

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Hall 1 is the largest auditorium at CCH and is equipped with highly advanced multifunctional audio systems, which earned it the Sinus-Systems Integration Award. It has raked seating and a large platform, giving a prestigious setting for conventions, corporate shareholder meetings, political party conferences and product presentations, and also for concerts and shows. The foyers are designed so that a part of them can be used as exhibition spaces. Excellent catering services can be provided there.


Theatre Classroom Banquet
3.000 1.500 - - -


Stage, rostrum, projection, conference microphone system, public address system, conference interpreting system, interpreting booths, projection screens, lighting consol


Infrared interpreting system, public address system meeting international standards, studio mixing console, UHF Mikroport system, professional recording and playback equipment, multi-media links



Light positioning system, auditorium lighting (dimmable)

Video/Projection system

112 m² roller-type screen, video and data large-screen projection, live and satellite transmissions, video transmission to other auditoriums

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Position in building

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Space: 2,663 sq.m.

Theatre: 3,000
Classroom: 1,500

Clear height: 8.90 m


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Please do not hesitate to contact us for individual planning of your event:

 Please do not hesitate to contact us for individual planning of your event:

Telefon Work +49 40 3569-2222
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