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Business Report 2015

Facts & figures in brief

Hamburg Messe

  • About 40 trade fairs and exhibitions per annum
  • Up to 14,000 exhibitors per annum
  • Up to 830,000 visitors per annum
  • 87,000 m² exhibition space
  • 11 exhibition halls
  • About 275 employees (Hamburg Messe und Congress)

CCH - Congress Center Hamburg

  • Approx. 250 events per annum
  • Conferences, meetings and exhibitions (incl. presentations and corporate events): approx. 160 per annum
  • Approx. 330,000 visitors/participants per annum
  • 23 flexible-use rooms
  • Maximum seating capacity is 12,500
  • 10,000 sq.m. exhibition space
  • multifunction Hall H



Current event

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